The Problem


Redon systems are used in varying cases for diffe­rent du­ra­tions. Se­cre­tions are collec­ted in Redon bottles from a few days to seve­ral weeks. Possi­bilities of sto­rage by the bedside have up until now been in­flex­ible, un­hygienic, and de­pen­ding upon the application, asso­ciated with other risks.

The Solution


This bottle holder offers the opti­mal solution for the safe and flex­ible preser­vation of Redon bottles. Using a clamp the bottle holder can easily and uni­ver­sally be affixed near the bed­side.  The indi­vidu­ally deploy­able Redon bottles are orga­nized readily with­in reach of doctors and nursing staff, stored in plain sight by the bed­side.

Technical Details


The Redon bottle holder is of sturdy welded con­struc­tion, made of round steel (0.16-0.20") that has been manu­factured com­plete­ly out of high-grade stain­less steel (steel grade 316Ti, S 31635).
This steel grade ex­hi­bits a high degree of me­chani­cal and chemi­cal sta­bility.
As such, this bottle holder meets the most strin­gent standards of hygiene and durability.