The Safe and Economical Solution

Our special Redon bottle holder offers many advantages in terms of practical application when compared to all other solutions. These advantages have been tested in the field and have convinced both nurses and physicians.

  • Redon systems are well preserved and are kept clean. In so doing there is enhanced prevention of disconnection and contamination.
  • They remain freely accessible and clearly visible, and thus can be quickly checked if the water levels need to be documented. This increases the efficiency of the nursing staff.
  • Redon systems are flexible and manageable with little effort if the patient has to leave the bed temporarily, e.g. for bathing. The bottles can also be safely stored and need not be individually detached and then reattached again.
  • The bottle holder universally fits almost all hospital beds currently in use. As such there is no additional expenditure in arranging the patient in bed. Moreover, it represents a unified system for dealing with Redon systems.
  • The bottle holder is easy to clean, and automated cleaning and sterilization is possible. In this respect the high-grade and smooth surface is an advantage.
  • The expected duration of use for our bottle holder is almost unlimited, given the uniform quality of the surfaces and its lasting stability.
Views of the holder for 3 bottles:
Views of the holder for 1 bottle:
tl_files/bilder/Halter_vorne.pngtl_files/bilder/Halter_seite.pngtl_files/bilder/Halter_oben.png Redonflaschenhalter für 1 Flaschetl_files/bilder/Halter_1-fach_flasche.png

Technical Data

Design / Construction

Sturdy welded construction from round steel, Ø4-5mm (0.16-0.20 inch)

  • Outer dimensions:
    width: 305 mm (12.01 inch)
    height: 245 mm (9.65 inch)
    depth: 110 mm (4.33 inch)
  • Inner dimensions of the receptacles:
    Ø: 90 mm (3.54 inch)
    Höhe: 105 mm (4.13 inch)
  • Clamp dimensions:
    clamping area: 65 mm (2,56 inch)
    width: 35 mm (1,38 inch)
Material / Steel grade / Processing

High-grade stainless steel (1.4571, 316Ti, S31635)

  • excellent corrosion resistance, even with moderate chloride
    and acid concentration
  • completely smooth, closed surfaces
  • long-lasting quality of the surfaces, high wear resistance
Cleaning / Hygienic properties
  • most cleaning supplies used in the cleaning and disinfec­ting of medical products can be used conti­nuously without problems
  • all of the current cleaning proce­dures (including sterili­za­tion) can be used without reducing the surface quality
registered and protected utility model

Individual solutions are also available.
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